How to book your practical driving test

Taking Your Practical Driving Test

The driving test is designed for you to show your practical skills and understanding of the Highway Code and the theory of driving safely. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving.

The quickest and easiest way to book your official Driving Standards Agency (DSA) practical driving test is online. When you book using this official service, you only pay the cost of the test – there is no extra booking fee.

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What you will need
To book your practical driving test online you will need the following information at hand:

  • your valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number
  • your credit or debit card details
  • a theory test pass date and certificate number (if appropriate)

When you can book your driving test online
You can use the online driving test booking service between 6.00 am and midnight, Monday to Sunday. You can find it by clicking here.

If you need to retake your driving test
If you took your practical test today but didn’t pass, you can take another test of the same category after:

  • three clear working days for a lorry, bus or motorcycle module one test
  • ten clear working days for a car or motorcycle module two test

How long it takes to get a practical driving test appointment
The Driver Standards Agency aims to give you a practical driving test appointment within nine weeks for most types of driving tests. However, the waiting time varies around the country and throughout the year. So, you might have a shorter or longer wait depending on where and when you take your test.

Your driving theory test certificate number
You will need your driving theory test certificate number to book your test. If you have lost your certificate, you should contact the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Although DSA does not issue replacement certificates, they’ll be able to send you a brief letter containing your certificate number.

Driving Test Fees for a car
There are two separate fees for your practical driving test depending on when you would like to take the test:

  • Weekday price: £62.00
  • Weekday evening, weekend and bank holiday price: £75.00

To book your practical driving test, click here.

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