40 Hour Intensive Course

Is an Intensive Course for Me?

40 Hour Intensive Driving Course

  • If you want to spend less time picking up where you left off at the end of the last lesson, then choose an intensive driving course.
  • If you want to compress many months of conventional weekly driving lessons into a forty hour block over one week then choose one of our intensive driving courses
  • If you want to pass your driving test in the shortest possible time then choose an intensive driving courses
  • The last but most important question that you must answer honestly is…Do I work well under pressure? If the answer is no, then one of our intensive driving courses may not be the best way forward for you, as an intensive course is by it’s very nature intensive!! If the answer is yes then a one-to-one intensive driving course may not be the right thing for you.
  • Some companies call them crash driving courses (although we teach you how to avoid the crashes), fast pass courses or quick pass courses. No matter what you call them they are recognised as being the fastest way to pass your driving test. They are not an easy option, but a practical way of condensing many months of tuition into a period of a week or less.

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