Learning to drive an automatic in Edinburgh

We are happy to provide tuition for clients wishing to learn automatic transmition and have been doing so for many years!

Automatic lessons are fantastic for clients who perhaps have tried manual lessons in the past and have not enjoyed having to constantly change gear and use the clutch, or simply prefer driving an automatic car.

Automatic lessons are the modern alternative to learning on a manual. The car will not stall or roll back on a hill and you can never be in the wrong gear!

When you pass your test in an automatic car you will only be licensed to drive an automatic. If you wanted to drive a manual car you would need to re-take your test in a manual car. But why make life difficult for yourself?

Some pupils find that learning to drive an automatic car is much EASIER than learning to drive a manual car.

In a manual car you have gears and a clutch pedal. In an automatic car there is no clutch pedal and the automatic gearbox ‘automatically’ changes gears for you. This means that some of the physical work is taken away, leaving you with both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road enabling the pupil to concentrate on more important things like steering and planning ahead. Some pupils find that it makes them safer, especially in busy traffic or long journeys.

It has been reported that pupils learn to start, stop and steer more easily. Of course, you will pull away from junctions and traffic lights without the fear of stalling. Some people will also find roundabouts much easier to negotiate without the gears & clutch to worry about, one can concentrate on passing your test and ultimately a safe, competent driving skill for life.

Automatic is a popular choice among young learners who have found it difficult to get used to the clutch and gears in manual lessons as well as being equally suitable for older people. Maybe you just want to be independent as quickly as possible?

Benefits of Going Automatic

  • It could be cheaper as the average pupil may require fewer lessons
  • There’s less information to process – with only two pedals to use
  • No clutch means no roll-back, no stalling and no gear changes
  • It can be safer as with no gear changes you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and get focused on the road ahead.

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